Have you tried the Libby app?

Libby by OverDrive for ebooks, audiobooks and magazines!

Libby has a fresh, easy-to-use design that makes it the best app for most digital library users. Here are some features unique to Libby:

  • Simple, step-by-step onboarding the first time you open the app
  • Loans and holds from all your libraries are automatically added to your Shelf, so you can easily find all your books in one place
  • Start reading immediately after you borrow; no need to choose a file format
  • See your at-a-glance progress through each book on your Shelf
  • Navigate easily between your Shelf and your library’s catalog
  • Add, remove, and rename cards from all your libraries in one place
  • Use tags to categorize books however you’d like
  • Set preferences to show only the content you’re interested in at your library

Want to learn more about the Libby app?  Read about Libby here!