Curbside and Locker Pickup


Hours for curbside are Monday-Thursday 10am to 8pm, Fridays and Saturdays are between 10am and 5pm.

Locker pickup is available anytime!

Below is information on requesting, pickup, and book drops.


  • Slots must be scheduled and confirmed with a staff member that items are ready and available for you. 
  • Requests of books, movies, audio-books, and music CD’s may be made beginning at 10am daily. If requests are made too late in the day, they may not be fulfilled until the next business day.
  • These slots are day long. You can schedule a day and  you are able to pickup your items anytime between opening and closing of the library that day.
  • Requests will be accepted through phone at 860.395.3184 or email at
  • You may leave a message and a staff member will return your call or email to confirm your time slot.

    • Items will be placed at the table located near the Main Entrance. Try our lockers for after hour pickups.


  • Both book drops are open
  • Please only return library items 



Online Catalog

  1. Find the item(s) you are looking for
  2. Once found, click, Place Hold
  3. Login to your account
  4. Select Acton Public Library Locker from the dropdown menu

By Phone

Call the library at 860-395-3184 to request items for pick up.

By Email

Email to request your items. Please include your name and library card.

If available, the item(s) will be checked out and placed in the locker. Item(s) will be held for 7 days. Please wait for a confirmation email or text from Luxer alerting you that your item is available for pick up.

You will receive 2 emails. The first from Acton, when your item has arrived at the library. The second will be from Luxer (the locker company) to let you know that your item has been checked out, placed in the locker, and is ready for you!

Within the email, there will be a 6-digit code, or a QR code. *The first time you retrieve an item, you will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number allowing you to receive SMS texts with a quick link with the 6 digit code or QR code for your subsequent pickups.

Using the 6-digit code:

  1. (At the locker) Click Begin Pickup
  2. Type in the code
  3. Sign your name on the keypad with your finger
  4. The door with your items will pop open
  5. Enjoy your items!

Using the QR code:

  1. Open your email containing the QR Code
  2. (At the locker) Click Begin Pickup
  3. Scan the QR code using the screen on the locker
  4. Sign your name on the keypad with your finger
  5. The door with your items will pop open
  6. Enjoy your items!

  • I deleted my code, what do I do?
  • Call the library at (860)395-3184, and we can look it up. If the library is closed the Luxer locker company has an email and phone number (415)390-0123 to call which is listed on the locker screen under Help.


  • I never received an email or text message with a code.   
  • If you never received the email with the code, but you received an email from the library saying your hold item is in, call us to make sure we have your correct email.


  • I placed items on hold for locker pick up, but no longer want them.   
  • If you no longer want the items in the locker, contact us so we can remove them from your account.


  • I placed items on hold but forgot to select Acton Public Library Locker as my pickup location.
  • If you did not select Acton Public Library Locker as your pickup location, your items will be inside on the hold shelf. If you would like them in the locker, contact us either by phone or email and we can arrange a locker pick up.


  • I don’t have email, but I have a cell phone can I still use this service?
  • Yes! We can add your information into the locker system using your cell phone number.