Library Building Project

In our Strategic Plan 2021-2024, the Library identified the need to update the interior and exterior space to fit within our current footprint.  We wanted be more reflective of how people are using a our space now and create a space that has the ability to be mobile, inviting and flexible for the future, as well. 

We won a grant in collaboration with the Old Saybrook’s Economic Development Department through the USDA for an Architectural Feasibility Study, which was completed in 2022. The Feasibility Study helped us realize that we have a great sized building but we need to reconfigure the space to allow for modern library usage and to create spaces for all of our patrons, i.e. a teen space!


The following design concepts should be focused on;
a. Teen Space
b. Children’s Office and work area within the Children’s Room
c. Reduced Circulation Desk
d. Reconfigured staff spaces to be on the main floor
e. Comfortable and mobile seating and gathering spaces
f. Smaller Meeting Rooms
g. Expanded outdoor programming area and patio
h. Revised arrangement of library collections and services for childrens, teens, and adults including computers, seating areas, group study and meeting areas


These are the items we put into our RFP-RFQ for Architectural Services for Renovation

As the project moves forward we will be having presentations and try to disseminate as much information so that you can see what part of the process we are in. We are very excited to see how this space can work better for the staff and the whole community.


If you have questions please call Amanda Brouwer, Library Director at 860-388-8924 or email